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About Lauderhill

We are a competitive travel program with one goal in mind. Our goal is to make your soccer dreams come true. 

#1 Player Development: From U8-U18 WE MAKE PLAYERS BETTER GUARANTEED!!

First and Foremost we want all our players to fall in love with the game. We create an environment that encourages risk taking on the field. We don't yell at players for making mistakes, we teach them. 

It is our goal that our players have mastered all components of the game by U16. 

Components of Soccer

#2 "We develop our players as people"

At the "Next Level" which I would define as College or Pro, everyone is good. What separates the best from the rest is how they handle themselves in a team environment.Is the player coachable? Are they a team killer? Do they work well with others? Do they work on their game on their own?

We not only develop soccer players but also develop productive people. Our players develop as people that coaches at the highest levels want on their teams because of their ability to play, and because of who they are as people. I can't stress the importance of this enough.

#3 We help place our players at the highest levels!

Our staff has a track record of placing kids at the COLLEGE, PROFESSIONAL, AND NATIONAL TEAM LEVELS!

Our goal as a club is to make your soccer dreams become a reality! 

College: Most soccer parents don't know much about the college recruiting process and some pay thousands of dollars for help. Well, here at LLFC you can save that money and be fully educated on the process. We help our players and parents through the process from A to Z.

We help place players in these environments because our coaching staff consists of coaches that formerly coached at these levels or are currently coaching at the College, Professional, or National Team level. Basically, we have hired coaches that have the knowledge and skill to develop, but also have the network to place players.


                                                                                    Global Soccer Academy & Lauderhill Lions FC

GSA has been contracted by the city of Lauderhill to provide a competitive youth soccer program that will provide kids with the opportunities to develop as players, develop as people, and to be seen by college coaches, national team coaches, and professional scouts.